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Infused Tech - A tech company that helps customers get the most out of their gadgets


Infused Tech strives to make getting your device(s) repaired fast and convenient. We understand that sometimes time isn't always on your side and getting to a store isn't always convenient, this is why Infused Tech will come to you in order to service your gadgets. All you have to do is book on our site and a tech will be sent out to you.

Phone Screen Replacement

Repairing iPhones 6 and newer!

Computer/PC Maintenance 

Pick Up Services available for certain repairs!

Computer/PC Upgrades

Services available includes Hard drive/SSD upgrade, RAM upgrade, & more...

About Us

At Infused Tech we want every repair to be as simple as possible for our customers so that they can get back to their life sooner rather than later. We are a tech company that repairs gadgets but also provides convenience for our customers. Going and sitting in a repair store can be frustrating and BORING! That’s why we will come to you, so that you don’t have to sit there without something to entertain you. OR you can continue to get work done at your job. It’s up to you, but we got you. 


Make sure you never miss a post. We’ll update you on new information about the company, knowledge and news on what’s going on in the IT industry, and most importantly tips and tricks on how to remain safe while using your gadgets and the internet.
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